28 Mar 2019 - Brazil - Beginning June 17, US, Australian, Canadian, and Japanese citizens will no longer need a visa for tourist or standard business trips to Brazil for stays under 90 days. For entry into Brazil before Jun 17th a visa is still required. Visas will also still be required for any technical or hands on work, training, studying, or a cultural exchange in Brazil.

20 Mar 2019 - India - The electronic or eVisa for India is now valid for multiple entries over 1 year. It had only been valid for 2 entries over 60 days. India is still offering US business travelers a 5 year visa and US tourist travelers a 10 year visa in their passport if desired. The application link on our instruction pages have both options to choose from.

20 Mar 2019 - Peru is now requiring anyone who needs a visa to go in person to one of their consulates to apply for the visa. US passport holders traveling as tourists to Peru for less than 90 days do not require a visa. US passport holders traveling for business purposes do require a visa and will now need to go in person to one of their consulates.

8 Mar 2019 - Russia has eliminated rush processing and all visas will take just over 2 weeks. They have also changed their consular fee to $193 for all visas for US passport holders.

7 Feb 2019 - The U.S. Passport Office in Chicago has cut in half the number of passport applications that they will accept from companies that assist in expediting passports. This reduction has greatly increased the demand for our services. It has affected processing times and increased the amount of work required to process and monitor passport applications. We have had to make changes to our processing time and fee structure as a result. This dramatic change in U.S. Passport Office policy may be something to write your members of congress about and to let them know the economic impact it will have. Our new fee structure will go into affect Monday, Feb 11th and is now up on our website. http://perryvisa.com/webPages/passport.php

1 Feb 2019 - Russia has changed its consular fees.

1 Feb 2019 - Saudi Arabia is now requiring the company in Saudi Arabia include a copy of their Certificate of Registration with their invitations.

21 Jan 2019 - Feb 4th is the Lunar or Chinese New Year. The Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other East Asian countries consulates and embassies will be closed Feb 4th and 5th. There may not be rush processing options available when they reopen and anyone needing a visa for these countries before Feb 15th should have their work to us early next week.

30 Nov 2018 - Those Chinese consulates that offer rush processing have increased the rush fee by $5. Where available the Chinese consular fee for rush processing is now $165. Standard processing is still $140.

23 Nov 2018 - We will be increasing our return Fedex fee from $33 to $35. We will also be increasing the fee to obtain money orders to $20 when they are not included with documentation.

19 Oct 2018 - India is now only issuing 5 year visas to US passport holders for business purposes. All invitations and US business letters should request a 5 year multiple entry business visa. They will no longer accept applications or letters that request a 1 or a 10 year visa.

17 Apr 2018 - Russia - Spectators for sports events within the framework of the FIFA 2018 World Cup will not require Russian visas for travel in Russia between June 4 to July 25, 2018. Spectators MUST have a valid passport and a Personalized card of the spectator also known as a Fan ID.

15 Mar 2018 - The U.S. Passport Acceptance Fee is being increased to $35 on April 2nd. This is the fee that is paid at the post office or county court house when a first time passport is applied for. This will not affect passport renewal procedures.

22 Jan 2018 - U.S. Passport Offices Open - The U.S. Passport Offices are currently open and processing passport applications as usual. That could change but currently there are no delays for passport work because of the federal U.S. government shutdown.

10 Jan 2018 - Cambodia - Cambodia has a new updated visa application.

15 Dec 2017 - Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan is now issueing electronic visas.

10 Dec 2017 - Turkey - Turkey has begun again issueing visas to US pssport holders.

18 Oct 2017 - Nigeria - A personal appearance at a Nigerian visa office is now required for all Nigerian visas.

17 Oct 2017 - China - China has reversed policy and is not requiring the personal appearence for Non Business visa applicants.

12 Oct 2017 - China - The Chinese consulates are now requiring applicants applying for an F or Non-business visa apply in person. This includes those who intend to go to China for academic exchanges, study tours and other non-business activities. It does not affect those applying for business or tourist visa.

10 Oct 2017 - Turkey - Turkey has stopped issuing standard tourist and business visas to US passport holders. This includes electronic visas and visas stamped into passports. We have not heard of problems for travelers who already have valid Turkish visas, but have no official policy from Turkey. Travelers should check with their airlines to find out how immigration officers in Turkey are handling the arrival of US passport holders with valid visas.

26 Jul 2017 - India - India has started requiring that all passports be shipped back to a persons home address as listed on the visa application. They will allow shipping to the persons business address, if the person types up a letter requesting that the passport be shipped to the specific business address as listed on the application. This letter must also be on letterhead with that same address and signed by the applicant.

21 Jul 2017 - Egypt - Egypt has a new visa application form that is now available on our website and they are strictly enforcing the requirement that all applications have an itinerary showing the arrival and departure from Egypt submitted with the application.

4 Apr 2017 - India - The Indian Visa Office announced there will be new fees for some types of visas. They were to advise yesterday but were not ready. They did not accept applications, yesterday or today so we are now expecting large delays in processing. We do not know if this will affect work in process already and have been given no details. We will update as soon as we are given more information.

24 Jan 2017 - Russian Visa Fees - Russia is changing its visa fees and processing time structure on Jan 30th.

17 Jan 2017 - Inauguration Day Closures - Most offices in Washington DC will be closed Friday because of the Inauguration. We are hearing from some embassies that they may also be closed on Thursday. Plan for any new work that will be processed in Washington DC to be delayed by a couple of days. Most offices are working with us to get work that is schedule to be finished later in the week done by Wednesday.

9 Jan 2017 - Lunar New Year Holidays - The Chinese and Vietnam offices will be closed Friday Jan 27th and Monday Jan 30th. Vietnam offices will also be closed Thursday Jan 26th. Sometimes after this holiday these 2 countries do not allow rush processing and visas may take 1 week for processing for the first week of February.

6 Dec 2016 - Russia - The Russian visa offices will be closed the week of Jan 2nd through Jan 6th for the Orthodox Christmas holidays. When they reopen on Jan 9th there may also be no rush processing available for the first few days.

11 Oct 2016- Brazil - The Brazilian Consulate General in Chicago is moving and will be closed Oct 31st through Nov 2nd. They have increased there processing time for visas to just over 4 weeks. Work submitted today is estimated to be finished Nov 10th, if there are no further delays from the move. Anyone needing a Brazilian visa should be sure their departure from the U.S. is at least 5 weeks from when we physically receive the documents for visa processing.

26 Sep 2016 - Zimbabwe - Visas are now only issued upon arrival in Zimbabwe for U.S. passport holders. The embassy is no longer issuing visas to U.S. citizens.

22 Sep 2016 - China - The Chinese consulates will be closed the 3rd, 4th and in some cases, including the consulate in Chicago, 5th of October. After this holiday there is usually no rush processing available. Anyone needing a Chinese visa before Oct 15th is advised to have their documents to us by early next week.

19 Sep 2016 - U.S. Passport Photos - The U.S. Dept. of State announced today that starting November 1, 2016, eye glasses will no longer be accepted in passport photos for new or renewed passports.

12 Sep 2016 - Canada - Beginning September 29, 2016, Canadian immigration officials will insist travelers who require an ETA have one. In February Canada started requiring visa-exempt foreign nationals who FLY to or transit through Canada have an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). They have not been strictly enforcing this but will begin to Sep 29th. This does NOT apply to U.S. citizens or travelers with a valid Canadian visa, who are exempt from this requirement. Entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed.

12 Sep 2016 - Vietnam - Vietnam has begun issuing 1 year, multiple entry visas to all U.S. passport holders. Previously they offered the various options of 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, single or multiple entry visas for various fees.

12 Sep 2016 - Argentina - Argentina has stopped charging their reciprocity fee for US Passport holders. US passport holders can now travel to Argentina for stays of up to 90 days without needing to pay an entry fee.

23 Aug 2016 - Brazil Government Worker Strike - Brazilian government workers went on strike yesterday. The consulates are not accepting new applications and work in process is on hold. At this time they do not know how long the strike might last but all work is now at least 2 days behind schedule.

11 Aug 2016 - Brazilian Document Legalizations - For our clients who have U.S. documents legalized or authenticated for use in Brazil, the Brazilian government has joined the Hague convention and has changed the procedure beginning Aug 14th. Documents will need to get an Apostille from the Secretary of State office. The Brazilian consulate will no longer legalize documents.

20 Jun 2016 - Fedex Fees - Do to coninued increase in shipping costs we are raising the fee we charge for Priority Overnight Fedex to $33

10 Jun 2016 - 2nd U.S. Passports - For those who are familiar with getting secondary U.S. passports for their high volume international travelers, The U.S. Department of State has increased the validity of new 2nd passports from 2 years to 4 years. For those who are not familiar with this option, U.S. travelers who can show a need for having 2 valid U.S. passports, based on their high volume of travel, can apply for and obtain a secondary U.S. passport. These were only valid for 2 years but are now being issued for 4 years.

4 Apr 2016 - Argentina - The Argentine Government has suspended the collection of the reciprocity fee from US passport holders who visit Argentina for less than 90 days, for tourist or business purposes.

15 Mar 2016 - Brazil - U.S., Australian, Canadian and Japanese passport holders traveling as TOURISTS to Brazil between Jun 1st and Sep 18th 2016 do NOT require a visa. Brazil is dropping the visa requirement for this time period for the Olympics.

26 Feb 2016 - China - Non-U.S. passport holder must now provide a notarized copy or their original Alien Registration Card or U.S. visa with their applications. A simple copy is no longer accepted. This does not affect U.S. passport holders.

6 Feb 2016 - Starting March 15, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who FLY to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This does NOT apply to U.S. citizens or travelers with a valid Canadian visa, who are exempt from this requirement. Entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed.

26 Jan 2016 - Lunar (Chinese) New Year, Feb 8th, 9th - Feb 8th is the Lunar or Chinese New Year. The Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other East Asian countries consulates and embassies will be closed Feb 8th and 9th. There may not be rush processing options available when they reopen and anyone needing a visa for these countries before Feb 15th should have their work to us early next week.

8 Jan 2016 - REAL ID - We have heard a lot of concern about the new ID requirements for domestic travel from the REAL ID Act. TSA just updated its information today stating "Starting January 22, 2018, (NOTE this is 2018) travelers who do not have a license from a compliant state or a state that has been granted an extension will be asked to provide alternate acceptable identification. If the traveler cannot provide an acceptable form of identification, they will not be permitted through the security checkpoint. For full details please go to http://www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs.

18 Dec 2015 - Adding Pages to a U.S. Passport -If we do not already have an application to add pages to a passport, we can no longer accept any additional applications. We have removed the option from our website and will be returning any applications to add pages that are not in our office by today.

14 Dec 2015 - New Order Form - We have updated our order form, which can be found at http://perryvisa.com/orderForms/orderForm.pdf

9 Dec 2015 - Elimination of Adding Pages to a U.S. Passport - The U.S. Passport Offices gave written notice yesterday that they will no longer be adding additional visa pages to U.S. passports beginning 1 Jan 2016. Perry International will need to have all requests to add pages to a current passport by 28 Dec 2015. Note that the State Dept. requires proof of upcoming international travel for us to assist with all U.S. passport procedures.

7 Dec 2015 - Vietnam - Vietnam has new fees for visas.

7 Dec 2015 - Russian Holidays - The Russian visa offices will be closed from Jan 1st through Jan 10th. Visa processing usually takes longer upon reopening from their holiday and we advise anyone leaving before Feb 1st to submit their application by Dec 28th.

5 Nov 2015 - US Passport Additional Pages - The Department of State is planning to eliminate the option to add visa pages in US passports beginning January 1, 2016. The elimination of visa page inserts coincides with the Department's anticipated rollout of the Next Generation Passport.

26 Oct 2015 - Extra Services - We have raised the fee for some of our extra services. Registering clients at the nearest U.S Embassy or Consulate in case of an emergency will be $30 and obtaining money orders will be $15 per money order.

15 Oct 2015 - Brazilian Applications - We have decided to start completing the online application and uploading the required documents for all of our clients Brazilian visa applications. The requirement to upload documents to the online form has continued to cause problems and delay visas. There will now be a $125 service charge. This is in place of the standard $75 charge with optional $50 charge for those who had us complete the application, and/or a $25 charge for those who had us upload documents to their application form.

5 Oct 2015 - Passport processing times - We are seeing a large increase in passport applications, do to the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. This is the law that a passport would be required for all international air travel. We have also seen a reduction in the number of applications the Passport Office will accept each day. These have required us to adjust our processing times for U.S. passport applications. Details can be found at http://perryvisa.com/webPages/passport.php

21 Sep 2015 - Malawi - Malawi will begin requiring US passport holders have a visa to enter the country starting Oct 1st.

18 Sep 2015 - Chinese Holiday - The Chinese consulates are closed Oct 1st and 2nd. In addition to the delays from the consulate being closed for 2 days, many Chinese consulates will not allow for any rush processing the week following their 2 day holidays. Anyone needing Chinese visas for travel before Oct 10th should have the applications to us no later than Sep 25th.

18 Sep 2015 - Delays in DC and NY - The Pope's visit to DC and NY next week is expected to delay visa processing at least 2, maybe 3 days for any work processed in those cities.

12 Aug 2015 - Myanmar - There is now a Myanmar consulate in Los Angeles and visa processing is now divided between the embassy in Washington DC and the consulates in New York and Los Angeles.

3 Aug 2015 - Ecuador - Ecuador is now requiring a personal appearance when a visa is required. This does not change who needs a visa. US citizens traveling for business meetings or pleasure and staying less than 90 days still do NOT require a visa. Those nationalities or those traveling for a purpose like School or long term work for an Ecuador company that would require a visa will now need to go in person to the consulate.

3 Jun 2015 - Senegal - Senegal is no longer requiring applicants apply for an electronic visa. The visa will now be stamped in the passport upon arrival.

14 May 2015 - Brazil - Brazilian government workers have gone on strike. The Brazilian consulate in Chicago has advised visas will now take at least 15 business days and may take longer, if this is not resolved. Other consulates already take from 3 to 5 weeks for processing. We would advise that all Brazilian visas be applied for with at least 1 month lead time. This may change from day to day.

5 May 2015 - Egypt - Egypt has decided they will continue to allow visas to be obtained upon arrival.

14 Apr 2015 - India - Beginning tomorrow 15 April 2015, the only category of Tourist Visa available to a US national will be a 10 year, multiple entry visa. The actual duration of the visa will be at the discretion of the Consulate. This does NOT apply to any other type of visa such as business or student.

2 Apr 2015 - Egypt - On May 15th Egypt will stop allowing visas to be obtained upon arrival. All travelers who require a visa for Egypt, which includes U.S. citizens, must get a visa for Egypt before departure. Detailed requirements for Egyptian visas can be found in our Visa Advisory.

9 Mar 2015 - Venezuela - Venezuela is now requiring all US passport holders traveling for tourism to have a visa. They have previously required a visa for business travelers. Now a visa is required for any purpose of travel.

20 Nov 2014 - Bolivia - Business visa aplications must now have a police report submitted with them.

12 Nov 2014 - China - China has begn issuing 10 year visas to most US pasport holders applying for tourist or business visas.

1 Nov 2014 - Rwanda - Rwanda has begun requiring visas for US passpor holders. These can be obtained in advance or at this time on arrival for a stay of 30 days.

2 Oct 2014 - Saudi Arabia - The Saudi embassy and consulates are closed all next week, Oct 6th through 10th.

1 Oct 2014 - India - The Indian Visa offices will be closed Oct 2nd, 3rd and 6th. Indian visas have been taking on average 10 business days and we estimate that to go up to 15 or more days for the month of Oct.

1 Oct 2014 - Indian Applications - The Indian visa offices are now emailing any questions, requests for additional documentation, and notifications to the email address listed on the visa application. They now have an additional 3 page paper Particulars Form required in addition to their online application. Information on the applications must be very specific. We are seeing 90% of applications completed by applicants needing to be redone 2 or sometimes 3 times. We are seeing many applicants not include the additional Particulars Form. This is delaying processing, incurring additional shipping expenses, and creating much frustration with our clients. Perry International has decided the best option is to complete the required applications for all of our clients, this includes both the online application and the paper Particulars Form. We have been doing this for all Russian visas for the past year and it has greatly improved the process for Russian visas. All applicants will be requested to complete our online form and we will email back the 5 pages of application by the end of the next business day. The service charge for Indian visas will be $125. We believe this will greatly improve the Indian visa process.

26 Aug 2014 - South Africa - Beginning 1 October 2014, minors under 18 years old will be required to have a full birth certificate to enter and leave South Africa. Additional documents will be required for minors traveling without both parents.

26 Aug 2014 - India - The Indian visa office in Chicago has advised they are now required to have the Particulars Form with all visa applications. This has been listed as a requirement as most of the other Indian visa offices have been requiring this form. The Chicago office had been accepting applications with out this but starting today they say they must have it.

21 Aug 2014 - Brazil - Brazilian visas are now taking 2 weeks minimum at any of their consulates in the US. Some are taking a month or longer. In addition to this we were advised today by the consulate in Chicago that they are having computer issues and not accepting any applications for today. No visas were ready today that we were scheduled for pick up and we do not yet know how this will affect other visas currently in process. Any Brazilian Visa Applications received on or after Aug 18th may not be finished before Sep 8th.

22 Jul 2014 - Eid Al-Fitr Holiday - The Saudi visa offices will be closed all of next week. The consulates of many other Muslim countries will be closed for 2 or 3 days.

17 Jul 2014 - Indonesia - Indonesia has raised its consular fees.

9 Jul 2014 - Kazakhstan - Beginning July 15th citizens of the United States traveling for pleasure or business meetings and will be allowed to enter Kazakhstan without a visa for a stay of up to 15 days. If staying over 15 days a visa must still be applied for in advance.

9 Jul 2014 - Russia - Russia is raising their consular fee for certain applications on July 10th. We have updated our instructions with these new consular fees.

23 Jun 2014 - India - The Indian Visa offices have added a parental authorization form that must be notarized and submitted with applications for those under 18 years old.

16 Jun 2014 - Egypt - Egypt has new visa fees

13 Jun 2014 - Brazil - The Brazilian Consulates have stopped accepting photos where the applicant is wearing glasses. Note this is with regard to the additional passport photo that is submitted with the application. This has nothing to do with the actual photo in ones passport, only the extra photo submitted with the application. No glasses can be worn in the additional photo submitted with Brazilian Visa applications.

5 Jun 2014 - India - We have just been advised that the Indian visa office in Chicago has been experiencing system problems all week and that anything submitted from May 27th onward may take a month or longer for processing. We will keep you updated as this new Indian office continues to make changes on a daily basis.

5 Jun 2014 - Myanmar - Myanmar has new visa application forms

20 May 2014 - Brazil - Brazil is reducing the consular fee for US citizens by $20 beginning May 21st.

19 May 2014 - India - The new outsourcing company that is accepting applications on behalf of the Indian government is Cox and Kings Global Services USA LLC. All money orders for Indian visas should be made out to Cox and Kings Global Services USA LLC. They have increased the fees and our website is being updated with the new consular fees. We have been advised the offices are still on schedule to begin accepting applications tomorrow May 21st and that the applications remain the same as they are handled by the Indian government.

10 May 2014 - Brazil - The Brazilian Consulates have announced there will be a government strike and the consulates may be closed beginning Monday May 12th. We expect delays on Brazilian visa processing.

10 May 214 - India - The Indian government has announced that they will be using a new company for their visa support services. Some consulates have already stopped accepting applications and others are set to stop on May 13th and NO visa applications will be accepted until May 21st. We expect delays on Indian visa processing.

28 Apr 2014 - May Day Holiday - Many consulates will be closed May 1st for International Labor or May Day. Some consulates including Russian and Chinese offices will also be closed May 2nd also.

27 Apr 2014 - China - The Chinese consulates have a new application that allows for more information to be entered into the various fields. In the past they have accepted incomplete answers but that will probably change. Be sure and get the new application from our website for any applications that have not already been completed.

13 Apr 2014 The U.S. closed the Syrian Embassy and consulates on Mar 18, 2014. At this time, Perry International is unable to assist with the visa requirements.

5 Mar 2014 - Dominican Republic - U.S. passport holders traveling on business now require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic.

3 Mar 2014 - More Weather Delays - Most offices in Washington DC are closed today due to weather.

25 Feb 2014 - China - The Chinese consulate in Los Angeles is now requiring a copy of a State ID.

18 Feb 2014 - Russia - The Russian visa office has raised their processing fee $3.

14 Feb 2014 - Weather Delays - Many consulates around the East Cost were closed yesterday, are remaining closed today and with the federal Holiday Monday will not reopen until Tuesday. Most work in these locations will be delayed by at least 2 days.

6 Feb 2014 - Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka has eliminated the Electronic Travel Authorization for business travelers and is now again requiring a visa. Tourist travelers may still apply for the ETA.

31 Jan 2014 - Service Charge - We have decided to change from our $78, $63, $50 Tiered Charges based on where work was processed to a standard $75 charge for all visas, except Russia and Saudi Arabia which have been and will remain $125.

8 Jan 2014 - Lunar New Year - Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other consulates and embassies will be closed Jan 29th, 30th and 31st. Usually after this holiday there is no rush processing of Chinese visas.

8 Jan 2014 - India - Indian Visas are now averaging 10 to 12 business days.

2 Jan 2014 - Myanmar - There is a new visa application and fee.

20 Dec 2013 - Russian Holidays - The Russian offices will be closed from Jan 1st until Jan 7th for Orthodox Christmas.

1 Dec 2013 - China - All Chinese visa applications must be typed. Hand written applications will not be accepted.

12 Oct 2013 - US Passport Applications - Applications must be completed online and printed so that they contain a bar-code. No hand written applications will be accepted.

30 Aug 2013 - US Passport Authorization Letter - The US State Department is requiring a new Authorization Letter that they have designed with all passport applications. You may find the new authorization letter at http://perryvisa.com/perryForms/loa.pdf

23 Aug 2013 - China - There is a new visa application. Old applications should be accepted next week. On Sep 3rd only the new application should be used. You may find the new application at http://perryvisa.com/visaApps/China.pdf

27 Jun 13 - India - The current Indian visa acceptance facilities will not be accepting any more applications. The past 3 days they have only allowed submission of applications for those traveling before Jul 9th. Beginning Monday July 1st applications will need to be submitted at their new acceptance facilities run by the new 3rd party. There are new reduced fees and all money orders will need to be made out to this new acceptance office 'BLS International USA'. This new company has opened an additional office and has moved where residents of certain states are processed. We recommend waiting to complete any new Indian applications until after July 3rd or 4th or until we send another update. Applications may need to be redone. Any current work sent to us this week will need new money orders either sent or purchased. We have updated our information with the new pricing and processing locations but the Indian Application website has not been updated yet.

12 Jun 13 - India - The Indian government is changing companies for its visa acceptance facilities. No formal instructions have been given. We have heard this will take affect Jul 1st and expect major delays with Indian visas submitted in the month of July.

12 Jun 13 - US Passport Applications - The Chicago Passport Office has announced that beginning June 24th they are going to be requiring all passport applications be completed online. Our instructions do direct applicants to the online application.

02 May 13 - Brazil Technical Visa - Applicants traveling to Brazil for less than 90 days to do physical hands on work or training no longer require permission from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor or a criminal record. In place of these an invitation from the company in Brazil, containing the stamp and CNPJ number, which are given when a company registers with the Brazilian government, is required. The invitation MUST state that the traveler will be paid by their employer in the U.S. and not by the company in Brazil.

15 Apr 13 - New Chicago Address - This Wednesday, Apr 17th we will be moving our Chicago office to 79 W. Monroe St. # 1225, Chicago IL 60603.

12 Apr 13 - Australia - The Australian government has discontinued the long term business Electronic Travel Authority. All ETA's are now issued for 1 year multiple entries.

11 Apr 13 - Canada - For those nationalities that do require a visa for Canada, they must either apply online or in person at the New York or Los Angeles Consulates. Third parties are no longer allowed to submit applications.

11 Apr 13 - Russian Holidays - The Russian visa offices will be closed May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and May 10th. We expect this to delay processing by at least a week. Please plan for 2 to 3 week rush processing and 4 to 5 week regular processing until June.

25 Mar 13 - Return Shipping Rate Increase - We will be raising the charge for shipping work back Federal Express Priority Overnight on April 1st to $30 and for Saturday delivery to $60. Clients are always welcome to include their own labels and be responsible for monitoring their own tracking. Shipping costs continue to increase and the amount of time spent crises managing deliveries has sky rocketed.

07 Mar 13 - China - More of the Chinese Consulates are enforcing their jurisdictional rules, meaning they will only accept applications from the residents of the specific states they cover. This means we must process Chinese visas at all of the various consulates. Some consulates like New York have their own individual application that must be used. Others, like Houston will not allow any hand writing on the application at all and many are starting to not offer any rush processing. We recommend that you go to our website each time you have a client requesting a visa to be sure you get the latest information and application forms.

24 Jan 13 - Chinese New Year Holiday - The Chinese consulates will be closed Feb 11th , 12th and 13th for Chinese New Year. Usually when they open back up there are no rush services for the remainder of the week. Anyone traveling to China before Feb 23rd should have their applications to us by Feb 4th. Other Asian countries usually also have a 1 or 2 day holiday including, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

20 Dec 12 - Holidays - Perry International, most embassies, consulates and US Passport Offices will be closed Dec 24th, and 25th and Jan 1st. Some consulates and embassies will also be closed Dec 26th and 31st.

04 Dec 12 - Russian Holidays - In addition to being closed on Dec 25th for Christmas, the Russian embassy, consulates and offices that assist with invitations will be closed from Dec 31 through Jan 7th. This will also delay processing when they reopen and we would recommend anyone planning to travel to Russia before Feb 1st get their visa applications submitted in the next few weeks.

15 Nov 12 - Brazil - The Brazilian consulate in Chicago has begun accepting applications from third parties. They are accepting 20 applications a day and are trying to get them finished in 2 to 3 weeks. Work submitted yesterday is estimated to be finished on Dec 3rd. We are submitting work based on when it came in and should be caught up by the end of the week. This was the last Brazilian consulate to start accepting applications from third parties. Processing times at different consulates vary from 2 weeks to over a month.

06 Nov 12 - Brazil - The Chicago consulate is accepting applications only if applicants go in person to the consulate to apply. San Francisco and Los Angeles are still not accepting applications. The rest of the Brazilian consulates have started accepting applications but they are advising of processing times of 20 business days or more.

06 Nov 12 - Argentina Entry Fee - Beginning Nov 1, 2012 for arrivals to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, and December 28, 2012, if the port of entry is Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini , all U.S. visitors must pay the reciprocity rates of US $160 through an online system BEFORE entering Argentina. This can be done at https://virtual.provinciapagos.com.ar/ArgentineTaxes/. you will need to first signup then complete the form with the corresponding personal and credit card information. Print the payment receipt. On arrival in Argentina, this printed receipt must be presented at immigration. MORE

02 Nov 12 - Brazil - Most Brazilian consulates in the U.S. have announced that due to severe technical difficulties that affect the Brazilian Consular Service throughout the world, they are suspending the issuing of the all types of visas. They are not offering any further explanation or when processing might resume. The few Brazilian consulates who have not yet announced this are expected to in the coming days.

02 Nov 12 - Washington DC processing - Most embassies and federal offices in Washington DC did open back up yesterday and visas were mostly finished as expected. Flights and Federal Express are still delayed. Many Federal Express packages did not make it out of Washington DC last night and Fedex is working to catch up on deliveries in the DC area.

02 Nov 12 - New York processing - Some offices have opened up. Some packages shipped on Friday to the New York area were delivered today. We are anticipating a full week delay on any processing that must be done through a New York consulate.

30 Oct 12 - Brazil - The Chicago consulate has advised that they are having technical computer problems and all visa applications are on hold. So far Houston and San Francisco have not advised of problems but may. The consulates in New York and Washington DC are still shutdown from the storm. We will keep you updated on Brazilian visa processing as we find out more.

29 Oct 12 - Hurricane Sandy - The Washington DC and New York metro area's are shut down today and tomorrow and we will see how things look for Wednesday. We did work on Friday to try and get out what work we could. At this time any work processed through Washington DC or New York will be delayed at least 2 days.

19 Oct 12 - Fedex National Service Disruption - The Memphis hub and flight operations experienced substantial disruptions last night due to severe thunderstorms. Potential delays are possible for shipment deliveries across the U.S.

10 Aug 12 - Ramadan Holiday - Embassies and Consulates of many Moslem countries will be closed Aug 20, 21, 22 for the Eid Al-Fitr Holiday marking the end of Ramadan

25 Jul 12 - Chinese Visas - All of the Chinese consulates in the U.S. have announced new visa requirements as of Aug 1st for business and tourist visas for U.S. passport holders. They are emphasizing any fake invitation letter or other fraud will be rejected. Tourist applications will now require Hotel Confirmations and a Flight Itinerary. Business applications will need to have an invitation that include the following items: (A) Personal information of the applicant: name, passport number, gender, date of birth, (B) Information concerning the applicants visit to China: purpose of the visit, date of arrival and leaving, places to visit, relationship between the applicant and the inviter, and who will bear the cost of the applicants accommodations in China. (C) Information of the inviter: name of the unit, phone number, address, seal and signature of the legal representative.

27 Jun 12 - Spain - The consulate in Chicago has gone back to their old appointment system for those applicants who need a visa.

27 Jun 12 - Bangladesh - The visa fee for US passport holders has gone up to $160.

27 Jun 12 - Azerbaijan - The embassy has outsourced the visa processing to a third party and the consular fee has gone up to $180.

22 Jun 12 - India - Visas issued by the Houston Consulate will no longer have a stamp or signature on the visa. This will be rolled out in all jurisdictions shortly. These visas are valid, and will be accepted at all ports of entry in India.

22 Jun 12 - India - Each applicant must sign COMPLETELY inside the box on Page 1 below their picture. Minors who cannot write their name can use a thumbprint in black ink instead. If any part of the signature or thumbprint is outside of the box, the application will be rejected. At the bottom of Page 2, the applicant must sign. If applicant is a minor under 18, both parents or legal guardians must sign.

22 Jun 12 - China - Minors under the age of 18 must have both parents sign the visa application in addition to the applicants signature if old enough to sign. If only one parent can sign they will need a court order showing sole custody of the minor, a death certificate, or birth certificate only listing one parent.

22 Jun 12 - China - Applicants with passports from Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland will now be required to make a personal appearance at a Chinese Consulate to apply for their visa. They will be fingerprinted and should be prepared to bring with them Hotel reservations, Bank Statements, Airline Tickets and Original Invitations for Business visas.

22 Jun 12 - Brazil - The Brazilian Consulates have resumed visa processing. There may still be delays.

19 Jun 12 - Brazil - The consulate staff are on strike and no visa applications are being processed until further notice.

07 Jun 12 - Spain - The consulates have raised their visa fee for student visas for US citizens to $160.

06 Jun 12 - Russia - The Russia visa offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday the 11th and 12th. We are estimating any Russian visa applications not yet at our office will be ready Jun 20th at the earliest if the rush fee is paid. Please plan accordingly.

04 Jun 12 - Nigeria, Sierra Leone - Both have raised their visa fees to reciprocate for the U.S. raising their visa fees.

01 Jun 12 - Passport Applications - We would like to remind everyone that individual checks or money orders made out to Department of State are required with each passport application. If the proper check or money order is not included with the passport application, we will get a money order on your behalf and there will be a $10 charge for this service.

26 May 12 - Service Charges - Last year we restructured our service charges to try and simplify them with a standard service charge of $78, a discounted rate of $63 for applications submitted to an Embassy in Washington DC, and a discounted rate of $43 for applications submitted to a consulate in Chicago. We have determined that our discount for work in Chicago was to much and we will be increasing that rate to $50 per application on June 1st. Our discounted rate of $63 for work in Washington DC and standard $78 rate for work processed in other cities will remain the same. We have seen the required amount of work involved with each application continue to increase. India now requires that we scan in each application before submission. Venezuela requires a photo be scanned and emailed. The Chinese consulates have gone jurisdictional requiring work get sent to many offices instead of one. We have had to hire more staff to handle the same volume of work.

22 May 12 - Russia - The new outsourcing company that Russia has handling their visas is having great difficulty. Rush processing has gone from 4 to 7 business days, and regular processing is up to 3 weeks. We also continue to run into many issues with the online visa applications. Russian visas require 2 to 3 times the amount of work that most visas require. Previously, applicants could try and complete their own visa applications or have Perry International complete them for an additional fee. We are raising our fee for Russian visas and our service charge will now include Perry International completing the required online application. The service charge for assisting with the Russian visa and completing the online application will be $125. If you work with many Russian visas and are confident that you can complete applications with 0 errors, we can discount our service charge to $100.

17 May 12 - Nato Summit in Chicago - Many consulates in Chicago will be closed Friday and Monday because of the NATO summit. We expect visa application processing to be delayed by a couple of days for any work submitted to a consulate in Chicago.

24 Apr 12 - Brazil - The Brazilian government has raised their visa fees for US citizens and the processing time has gone up to 3 weeks

09 Apr 12 - China - For business visas the Chinese consulates have begun requesting an invitation from the company or organization being visited in China. A copy is acceptable.

04 Apr 12 - U.S. Visa Fee Increase - The U.S. is increasing its business and tourist visa fee from $140 to $160. We expect many countries including China, Brazil and Russia to increase their own fees in response to the U.S. increase.

04 Apr 12 - Russia - The Russian Embassy has decided to outsource the visa process to a third party beginning April 10th. At this time the only change is that the visa fee will go up $30.

12 Mar 12 - India - The new visa application is now in place at all consulates. Old applications will be accepted at the Chicago consulate until Friday. All other consulates must have the new application form.

15 Feb 12 - British Passports - The United Kingdom will no longer allow third parties to submit PASSPORT application for British passport renewals. This will not affect any visa processing at the UK consulate, nor will it affect any US passport applications. This is only for those few clients who needed assistance with British passport renewals.

15 Feb 12 - India - The Indian Visa Offices have a new visa application that they are introducing one office at a time. They have begun with the Washington DC office. They will stop accepting the old applications 2 weeks after the new ones are available for that office. We recommend all applicants wait to complete the online form until they are ready to submit their applications. This will help prevent the wrong forms from being used.

07 Feb 12 - China - The Chinese embassy in Washington DC has stopped accepting applications for anyone that is not within their jurisdiction. This means we are submitting Chinese visa applications at the various consulates around the country, that have jurisdiction over a persons state of residence. MANY CONSULATES ARE VERY PARTICULAR. Hand written forms are no longer accepted and application forms MUST be completely and accurately completed on a computer. You will need the LATEST version of Adobe Reader in order to complete this form online and print it. Section 1.11 MUST have a drivers license or state ID number. Section 2.5 MUST contain an actual address and phone number of either a hotel or sponsoring organization in China. Section 3.6 MUST always contain information on parents, and spouse, if married. Any fields that are TRULY not relevant must contain N/A. Consulates are rejecting anything that is not 100% complete.

25 Jan 12 - Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka now requires an electronic visa called an Elactronic Travel Authority. We can assist with these and have updated our website for applicants to complete a form online for us to apply for this ETA.

20 Jan 12 - Chinese New Year Holiday - The Chinese consulates and a number of others that celebrate the lunar or Chinese New Year will be closed Jan 23rd, 24th and some even the 25th.