Second Passport Book

The U.S. State Department requires that the passport application be completed online, on their website. We have divided the process into 2 steps. Each link will open in a new window or tab. Please, close the new window or tab to return to this page.

You are only allowed to get a second valid US passport for two reasons. One is if you have two trips planned and need a visa for one trip and that visa will not be ready before an earlier trip that has come up. You must show proof that you have both trips scheduled.

The other reason you may be eligible for a second passport is if your current passport has a stamp from Israel in it and you can submit proof that you are going to a country that will not allow you entry with that stamp. If you do not already have the stamp in your passport but are going to Israel and a country that will deny you entry with an Israel stamp, you must ask the Israel immigration authorities to stamp your entry on a separate sheet of paper. This is a standard practice and will not cause any delays or problems.

Second passports are now issued with a 2 year validity only.

That is the end of the online portion of the passport procedure. If you would like to create a Fedex shipping lable to ship your documents to us, for an additional $35 you may use our online Fedex Label Creator. You may check specific entry requirements for the countries being visited at Entry and Visa Requirements