Authentications and Document Legalizations

Perry International is closed until April 1st.

When exporting goods or working with contracts internationally, there are many documents that require various levels of authentication, before they will be considered valid in another country.

Perry International keeps track of what is required for each country and can assist in getting the proper seals. Our service charge is $95 per seal for the first document, and $50 per seal for each additional document. This does not include shipping fees or charges by the offices issuing the seals.

Select the instructions for a specific country.

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NOTE: Shipping documents including Certificates of Origin and invoices may have special requirements. Please e-mail us with the specific document and country the document will be used in.

For those who deal with sending many documents to many places or are just interested in learning a little more about legalizations and authentications, we have included an in-depth tutorial at Legalization 101