Mauritania, Work visa instructions
for a U.S. passport, with visa processed in Washington DC

We recommend that you and understand that you agree to our terms and conditions.

The estimated standard processing time is 10 business days (Check for holidays).

Print and Include one Order Form for the entire order, along with all of the items below.

Required Documents - EACH applicant will need all of the items below. APPLICATIONS MUST be printed on a single side of paper. Double sided applications are not accepted by the consulates.

Ship the documents using a traceable overnight service to Perry International, 79 W. Monroe St. # 1225, Chicago IL 60603, Attn. Visa Dept. Many applications contain the address of the actual government office. If you would like us to assist, then you must send your documents to us.

U.S. Embassy Registration - The U.S. Department of State now recommends registering with the U.S. Embassy in the country being visited. This will allow them to notify U.S. citizens in the event of a disaster, emergency or other crisis, and for evacuation coordination. If you would like Perry International to register you, our service charge is $30 and you should check the appropriate line on our order form. Otherwise you may register on the State Department's website.

Fedex Label Creator - If you would like to create a Fedex shipping label to ship your documents to us, for an additional $33 you may use our online Fedex Label Creator. You will be charged an an additional $33 to the above estimated total.

Additional Entry Requirements, Safety Warnings, and Health - Entrance into another country is always at the discretion of an immigration officer, upon arrival in that country. They make the final decision about how long one can stay in their country. It is up to the traveler to ask and know how long they have and any procedures that are required in country such as registration. A visa is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to enter the country. Find out what additional documentation may be requested upon arrival, current security reports, travel warnings, and health information at Preparations for Travel to Mauritania.

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